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Welcome Back

shuttleSYRG would like to welcome back the Discovery STS-119 shuttle mission crew who have just touched down at the Kenedy Space Centre.

We have been listening this afternoon to reflector 9877 via M1LOU at Discoverys first attempt to re-orbit. Unfortunately due to high winds and other circumstances they were unable to enter on the first pass.

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Nothing much happening?

Well another sorry morning in YD land, the sun is shining but its chilly.

I’ve dropped my antenna due to high winds.

My favourite morning reflector show by a certain ham has been cut short by YD’s internet connection.

I don’t like to point any fingers,

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Born To Be…..

Here comes the sun! Lovely today in YD land.

Wheels de-greased,  M.O.T. paid, it’s time to hit the road armed with my Ic-E92 and GPS mic.

Hope to work you via D-STAR

See the quick video and track me via APRS here

73’s for now


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