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Downgrade of Internet connection

Today we have downgraded our internet connection to GB7YD.

The costs are slowly rising so we’ve  saved £120 a year by downgrading our connection rate.

We are confident this will not effect the quality of VoIP connectivity to YD but we will be monitoring it.

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Friedrichshafen Friday


Its been a hectic but enjoyable first day at Friedrichshafen……

You come half way across Europe and meet folks from your local town.

Above we see Clare of LAMCO showing me their latest fullpage spread, service with a smile as always.

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Messe Presse

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Wednesday after a train journey from Doncaster to Stanstead and steady flight to Friedrichsahfen.

Arrived in Friedrichshafen full of anticipation of the coming days events.

Today woke up at 7am treated myself to the finest that the Germans have to offer for breakfast.

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