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Friedrichshafen off to a flying start

I have just started uploading pictures taken today out in Friedrichshafen the first day of the rally this weekend. You can check them out in the Friedrichshafen 2012 Gallery. Have fun!!

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Father’s Day weekend

This Father’s Day weekend, some long-lost kin are going to connect at the Burnaby Village Museum, thanks to the Burnaby Amateur Radio Club. The club is holding a special event, hosted by the museum, to celebrate the centennial of Burnaby‚Äôs C.W. Parker Carousel

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Locating Power Line Noise

Power Line noise is one of the most annoying problems hams face. It affects nearly every one of us at one time or another. Ed Hare W1RFI is one of the ARRL’s experts on interference. Ed gives us some tips on identifying noise and locating the source.

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