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RAE – A word of warning

Advanced Radio Amateur’s Examination at Lough Erne Amateur Radio Club

I was the first invigilator at an Advanced Examination in May 2012 in which two candidates participated.

This exam, like every other exam run by myself, was conducted in full conformity with Radio Communication Foundation (RCF) Regulations. These require candidates to be seated ‘at least 1.5 metres apart’

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New Satellite powered by a smartphone

Three Phonesats with amateur radio downlinks in 437 MHz are slated to launch December 17.

The YouTube description reads:

Did you know your smartphone is more powerful than most computers in space right now?

A few smart folks at NASA realized this as well and thought…

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Free-view TV frequencies to change


Freeview will get bumped down the dial to make way for 5G networks around 2018, but in the meantime we’ll get a bunch more HD TV and plenty of White Space to play in.

Ofcom has confirmed proposals, published in August,

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