20 years on

1991 13th January saw Russian troops invade Lithuania. . .

All radio traffic was disrupted, but Lithuanian amateur radio operators managed to tell the world about the invasion.

Lithuanian radio amateurs will operate special event stations to mark the 20th occasion of the “January 13th”.

Have a go at contacting special event stations with the LY13 prefix from 2011-01-12 22:00 to 2011-01-27 22:00 UTC:
LY13A op. LY5A,
LY13B op. LY3BY,
LY13E op. LY3NX,
LY13G op. LY1G,
LY13H op. LY2H,
LY13J op. LY3J,
LY13M op. LY3M,
LY13O op. LY8O,
LY13Q op. LY4Q,
LY13T op.LY2QT,
LY13V op. LY3V,
LY13W op. LY3W,
LY13X op.LY3X,
LY13Z op. LY2GV
More information about “January 13th” events here » and here »

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