All Your Wifi Are Belong To Us

Wireless internet access has been around for many years.
We take it for-granted.

You can sit in the comfort of your arm chair and surf the web.
It’s great. We love it!

If you’ve had wireless for a while you may want to check what type of encryption is on your wireless access point.

WEP, also know as wired equivalent privacy was one of the first ways of connecting yourself via the air and is still used today in many modern routers.

It has never really been the most secure way to connect wireless and many linux tools have developed over the years to crack WEP keys if you know what you are doing in linux shell.

Today we see many applications and hardware emerging that will retrieve a WEP key within minutes making your wireless network accessible to anyone who knows how to push a few buttons.

Like you, we know how to push buttons. So we downloaded software freely available on the internet to crack our own wireless access point. The WEP 64 bit key was recovered within 2 minutes.

If you have a wireless access point and it is secured with WEP 64 bit or 128 bit – do yourself a favour and use a higher level of encryption such as WPA.


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