Anyone Want a Tower for 13 Grand?

No, we did not bring this back from Dayton in our suitcase this year.

This time it’s the RSGB. God bless em.

Bought a 118ft tower for use at the late opening Amateur Radio Centre at Bletchley Park, a site of National Heritage and international importance.

The tower would have been a great sight, litterally towering over the Historic complex, you would not have been able to miss it!

It’s been in store since they brought it and now it appears they can’t use it.

We do begin to wonder if anyone checked before making such a capital expenditure that it could be used at a site of such importance.

So if you are in the market for a 118ft tower and can get planning permission for  it, you can get one for £13,500.

Of course you’re a member arn’t you?

Non-members will have to wait to see if it’s sold and you will be offered the tower at another price.

See the full advert here



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