ARVN D-Star video

Great way to pass your few idle coffee minutes 😎

Oh and here’s a few new commands….many many many thanks to UK-IT and in particular Mr G7LWTmonster munch T-shirt on its way

Oh and here’s those new commands….thanks to UK-IT

▪ = 1 space





YOUR: GB7YD▪IX = Return link status information.

YOUR: GB7YD▪KX = Unlink (kill) all links.

YOUR: GB7YD▪LX = Go directly to the last heard Reflector.

YOUR: GB7YD▪RX = Random link to 1 of 10 most active reflectors.

YOUR: GB7YD▪UX = Display server uptime and average CPU load.

All commands should work on both Ports B/C, however….the LMSG/status report broadcast every 15 mins only shows the status of Port C [I will stand correction and bow down gracefully….E & O excepted, T & C on request ]

don’t forget RPT2: GB7YD▪▪G if you don’t use this setting you are only working locally, which is great…but if the Repeater/Node is linked and YOU didn’t use the YOUR: GB7YD▪IX command to check the repeater/node status…ANYTHING could happen 😉



No check on where or what the repeater/node you are connected to = YOU and more disturbingly other users not knowing what they are hearing or what is happening…simples….

ALWAYS announce who you are and which node you are calling through.

When you get a response then that should be enough, announcing who/where/what and common sense should be prevail!

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One comment on “ARVN D-Star video
  1. 2E0BLF says:

    Hey, good video by Garry. He’s certainly got some kit in that car! Wonder if he’s told the insurance company the kit is worth more than the car.

    Bit like our van. We’ve a 2820 and an 2200H. Worth more than our van! LOL

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