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AA4RC Robin Cutshaw has created  a daughter board that plugs into the Raspberry Pi which has the DVSI 3000 Chip on it, along with the software to control the device which could interface to the internet using either WiFi or CAT-5 ethernet … but… the really new addition is a Bluetooth interface and software for a mobile device like an iPhone,

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GB3YC – To live again , well maybe….


Just a quick update the NOV for GB3YC was issued by ofcom on 7th July 2013

  •  Tx – 145.1500
  • Rx – 145.75000
  • Ctcss – 88.5hz



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HamRadioNow release there latest news video covering the 2013 Dayton Hamvention



Dayton Hamvention® 2013 TOUR and Introduction

Another Hamvention has come and gone, a whirlwind weekend to be sure. This year, Jeff and I spent most of our time in the SIB (Studio In a Booth…

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Tweets from SYRG Tweets from SYRG

  • Aunt Bet looking at QST. How communications have changed since I was young. ,
  • Home and up early, go to South Yorkshire repeater groups Facebook to see the pictures of the event. So what did... ,

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