Barnsleys Radio History Revealed

Barnsley has good amateur radio history that is well documented.  Over the coming months we will be publishing articles from old minute books.

Here’s an entry from the Club minutes of  the B.A.D.A.R.S 1977 to 1938 book.

Special Committee meeting 1st  April 1977.

At a meeting held Greenside Havercroft attended by 3 remaining members, Mr J A Ward G4JJ, Mr P Ackley G3LRP & Mr H Taylor G3NAH, the future of the club was discussed.

After a long discussion it was seconded that due to the lack of membership it was no longer possible to run the club as such that the Society be wound up.

The Hon Treasurer reported that they were a sum of £67.31p in the bank.

It was agreed that the best possible finance for the club was to arrange a dinner for members who had paid subscriptions for the last 5 years and that this dinner be subsidised by the balance of club funds.

The arrangements for the dinner were left for Mr Ward to organise.

J Ward Hon Treasurer

P Ackley RSGB Representative

H Taylor Committee Member.

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