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One of the best things about Icom radios and a few other makes of radio is that you can connect them to a computer to program them.

This certainly makes sense when you look at the Icom IC-E92 with its’ analogue and digital modes. Yep, double trouble!!

For starters there’s a whole bunch of frequencies you’ll need to program on analogue with your usual stuff . But if you have a D-STAR board in your E92 then things get a little heavy. Not only do you have to consider the RF side –  but the digital D-STAR routing too.

Lets face it, you just pulled your spanking E92 out of the box and even after reading the American / Japanese  manual you are still scratching your head programming this baby in both modes.

Help is at hand for all users of the South Yorkshire Repeater Group and our repeaters on both analogue and digital. YES! You can have the best on analogue and D-STAR if you download our beginners ICF file for your IC-92.

Our beginners ICF file includes all you need to access our analogue repeaters and the GB7YD D-STAR system, plus simplex on both 2m and 70 cms analogue. We have even included the D-STAR agreed simplex calling frequencies on 2 and 70.

This ICF  file also includes an all important PDF guide so you know what is programmed on the memory banks for easy operation. Ca-Ching!

The latest file is available for direct download FREE of charge in the shop. Other ICF files will be available shortly for other makes of Icom radios. If you find this file useful please consider making a donation to SYRG.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome on this topic.

Download the SYRG beginners ICF file NOW for your E92

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