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Guidelines for using IRLP and echo link on GB3YR

Guidelines  for using IRLP and echo link on GB3YR

Its great to see GB3YR becoming the centre of attention again and great to hear folks making use of the internet linking systems. There is so much pleasure available to everyone via SYRG’s internet linked repeaters GB3YR &

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ARVN D-Star video

Great way to pass your few idle coffee minutes 😎

Oh and here’s a few new commands….many many many thanks to UK-IT and in particular Mr G7LWTmonster munch T-shirt on its way

Oh and here’s those new commands….thanks to UK-IT

▪ = 1 space





YOUR: GB7YD▪IX = Return link status information.

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Tweets from SYRG Tweets from SYRG

  • GB3SY has found a new location and with the aid of a donation form SYRG will remain on air for the foresable future… ,
  • Surplus Sale: Denby Dale Pie Hall, 297 Wakefield Rd, Denby Dale, HD8 8RX 20:00 to 21:00 Weds 4th April 2018,