Changes for GB3YR

GB3YR – GB3NA. Changes in the world of local analogue repeaters.

Saddened by the demise of other repeaters up and down the country SYRG have pledged to keep all their active repeaters on air for the next 3 years.

In the current economic climate we are all trying our best to save a few pounds wherever we can. In line with this ethos SYRG have applied for a site change for GB3YR.

The current site cost the group each year for rent, electricity and insurance. One way of reducing the costs are to site the repeater where costs are cheaper. Ernie, G4LUE has kindly offered to site the repeater at his QTH alongside GB3SY the groups analogue UHF repeater.

Along with a site change for GB3YR, we hope, will also see a name change to GB3NA.

It will come as no surprise to some readers that GB3NA is a flagship for SYRG and with the move over to D-Star (digital) the group had to make some long and hard decisions. The name GB3NA has been in South Yorkshire for 30 years and the group would like to honor and maintain that historic link by keeping the name alive.

The site change also frees up finances to allow the group to implement the installation of GB3HF, their 6m repeater alongside GB7YD. We hope to have GB3HF on air in the coming weeks in preparation for next season.

SYRG, enhancing your amateur radio experience!

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4 comments on “Changes for GB3YR
  1. Denis21 says:

    Sorry to hear about the extra cost of the upkeep of your repeater. D Star is not used very much in Glasgow as like me many Amateurs in the area dont like the audio and the us of the internet it’s not real radio. I have heard D Star on HF bands and I know HF hams don’t like the noise. I’m not against tech doing better but it’s not in this case. 73 and I do hope all works out for you all Denis

  2. Rob says:

    No funds to keep the repeater on-air? Then why not apply for a national lottery grant,which is the case for the EYRG.they got a record £9k towards a 70cms D-Star repeater that only a minority of hams will use.I dont know how they managed that but at the same time a member of the EYRG is always begging for new members as funds are very low.I wouldnt donate a old penny as the repeaters in Hull are subject to Jamming.Think i can work DX on 2mtrs without the Hull repeater.

  3. easy rider says:

    Rob Says: ” I wouldnt donate a old penny.”

    and I can bet you never have

  4. 2E0VYV says:

    SYRG have been lucky enough in the past to secure funding from various streams for various projects but this not for the running costs of repeaters, which to be fair is usually funded by a few hardcore group members and friends of the repeater (but rarely those that make the most use of). I for one wish the EYRG every sucess with their endavours.

    SYRG are putting on air a new 6m repeater GB3HF alongside there existing portfolio of repeaters:

    GB3HF 6m analogue (in workshop)
    GB3SY UHF analogue
    GB3YR VHF analogue
    GB7YD B UHF – D-Star
    GB7YD C VHF D-Star
    GB7YD A 23cms application pending

    GB3YR is not going off air, just undergoing a site change.
    GB3YR was based at Micklebring / Rotherham not Hull ?
    GB3HFso far raised £80 in donations – the rest funded by, go on have a guess ?
    Its a shame people can’t see things from a positive viewpoint for a change.
    I hope the site change goes through in record time Ernie and THANK YOU for housing the repeater at your QTH which reduces running cost for those who do donate (wether it be time, skills, money, goodwill or just gratitude). There are other plus points to the repeater being housed next to the NoVs bedside lamp too, but my fingers ache now…… 😉
    Jeff 2E0VYV

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