Chasing Satellites with K7AGE

Here’s Randy, K7AGE chasing the AO-51 satellite in his back garden with an arrow antenna and a 5w handie.

This amateur radio satellite is just one of many that licensed amateur radio users can make use of to make short QSO’s with other radio amateurs. You can see the status of all OSCAR satellites here on the AMSAT web site.

SYRG is especially interested in the AO-27 satellite that was used to provide the first D-Star via Satellite contact between Michael, N3UC, FM-18 in Haymarket VA and Robin, AA4RC, EM-73 in Atlanta GA.

The Analogue repeater on-board satellite AO-27 is well suited for D-Star work. The radios were designed to pass 1200-19200 baud GMSK data like D-STAR does too.

This year, Andy –  2E0BLF will be investigating digital communications on D-STAR via satellites and in particular AO-27. If you would like to get involved or can help, please let us know.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at making a satellite listening station from an arrow antenna and K7AGE’s bracket design that accomodates a handheld radio.

Why not have a go yourself with us? See the new Satellite discussion board.

Enjoy the video – to see all K7AGE’s videos check out his you tube channel.

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