Connectivity at GB7YD

Over the Christmas period we have  been experiencing  intermittent internet connectivity problems to the GB7YD gateway.

As you are probably aware, we are microwaving internet to YD over some distance and thought that the connectivity loss may be due to the adverse weather conditions such as freezing fog and blanket snow on some occasions.

On the 16th of Jan GB7YD internet provision had stopped totally.

The team is now working out what could be the cause other than the weather since the ice and snow are gone.

SYRG & D*UGN apologise for the loss of gateway access and are working to get this resolved soon.

GB7YD is still fully functional locally on both B & C ports.

If you require gateway access via RF and you can make the trip we suggest that you try our other D-STAR node GB7HD on port B if possible until the problem is sorted.

Will keep you updated on the connectivity situation in this post.


Over the Christmas period we have  been experiencing intermittent internet connectivity problems to the GB7YD gateway.
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3 comments on “Connectivity at GB7YD
  1. G0URG says:

    Hi Mate,

    I am not sure if you know but i have been up to site this afternoon as the link has been off 3 days now..

    i called J who seemed a bit grumpy and almost bit my ear off to enquire what was wrong and he suggested i go to site and see for myself.

    So..Upon arrival i called Mr Grumpy who talked me though a few tests and it transpires that there is nothing wrong with the microwave backbone as i was able to ping both access points.

    Any idea what could be the fault ??

    Cheers mate

  2. 2E0BLF says:

    Hey, J was grumpy cos I was trying to interfere. I thought you was simply typing in a password and not root first.

    I do this everytime I go login. Whoops.

    He’s been also nagging me since christmas to get my arse in the loft and check things out.

    From your findings today I’m thinking the Power Over Ethernet may simply have conked.

    Will update you in the morning when I’ve had chance to check it out.

    Will take a few pics too.


  3. 2E0VYV says:

    Nar then fellas!

    I have it from a reliable sauce (BLF’s chicken PomPom – passed on from the scabby old urban pigeon that lives in his loft) that the problem is resolved.

    It was something to do with the ether adapters that link BLF’s loft to his router via the central heating ducts not aligning themselves with the stars last night….lol.
    Seriously, the cabling all seems 100% we reset the ether adapters and all just synced. One of those sent to try us things.
    de 2E0VYV aka Mr Grumpy !
    New command (ta G7LWT) GB7YD RX in the UR call field links to one of 10 most recently used reflectors
    New command (ta G7LWT) GB7YD LX in the UR call field links directly to last heard reflector
    More on commands availabel at YD to follow soon in a post.

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