Cumbria to Access Broadband via Electricity Lines

A USA based telecoms firm by the name of Gridline Communications has teamed up with Electricity Northwest, Cable and Wireless Worldwide and T-Systems (T-S) in the UK to launch a unique pilot of “Broadband over Power Line” (Power Communications) technology in the rural UK village of Shap (Cumbria).

The project will be conducted alongside the installation of Smart Meters (24 Million homes in the UK will be required to have one by 2020) and is similar to one that was announced for Liverpool last year, which uses existing national grid power lines to carry broadband internet access services into homes.

It does this by separating out the electricity and internet service into separate wave lengths.

Gridline claims that its pilot should be completed by the end of June 2011 and success could reap significant rewards. The firm hopes that its project in Shap will lead to a full deployment model, which would reach approximately 2.5 Million Smart Meter equipped homes and businesses on the Electricity Northwest power grid.

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