D-Star contacts with Japan made easier


Ray, M3ZRJ recently learnt of a new development for those using the D-Star system to contact Japan.

Ray was on air with Kohji Tanaka, JA4NYY, in Hiroshima when he mentioned that contacting individual Japanese radio amateurs by D-STAR has recently become a lot easier.

His advice is as follows:

To call a particular station in Japan, just enter their callsign in the URCALL field of your transceiver.

RPT1 and RPT2 will, as usual, need to be set to access your repeater’s gateway, e.g. GB7YD**B and GB7YD**G respectively, where * is a space.

Your call should then be routed to their last recorded location.

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One comment on “D-Star contacts with Japan made easier
  1. admin says:

    If you are up for the D-STAR contest, why not check out this web page

    It contains active stations in Japan for you to route direct as the rules per say. 🙂

    Can I also add that if you hear a station coming in to your gateway or any of the reflectors that you do not respond to them if you are NOT INVOLVED IN THE D-STAR CONTEST.

    It’s great to listen, but if you are not involved in the contest, then it would be a bit of a let down for the other station who is specifically trying to contact someone who is involved in the contest. You will hear this when they CALL ..CQ ….D-STAR CONTEST.

    Happy listening if you are not involved.

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