Saturday the 10th of July 2010 I shall be running tests on the DV VHF simplex frequency 144.6125Mz from 10:00 through till 18.00 hrs GMT
The aims of the tests are simple. I would like to establish some statistics on D-Star VHF simplex for comparison with standard FM.

I have already tested it over a short distance and found the audio and signal quality was 100% better. Tests indicate that the simplex mode of DV compared to analogue simplex modes is superior, but I would like to gain more facts.  This will require more users to make contact on the day with reports on their location, power and antenna used and if possible a comparison on analogue using the same setup?

To do this I need people who can be on the radio at the same time as me, this could be a very interesting experiment and I am willing to publish those statistics on the South Yorkshire repeater group and my own rotherhamamatuerradio websites for all to make use of.

What we need is;

  1. for you to register your interest
  2. to be available on the 10/07/10 form 10:00 till 18.00
  3. to be able to keep a log
  4. send your log in (via email)

Anyone wishing to participate please contact Ian M6DER to register your interest.

Later this year I shall be doing some tests using D-Star TV also, anyone wishing to take part in this should contact me as well stating dvtv in the email.

Thanks for your time.

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