D-STAR Registration

GB7YD D-Star Network registration.

To access certain features of D-Star you must be registered on the gateway. Registration is a one time process. SYRG will attempt to ensure your registration is processed within 24 hours.

GB7YD relies on donations to keep it running. If you would like to make a small donation before requesting registration please use the donation option on this page.

One method we use to validate callsigns, and add them to the network, is by looking up your callsign on QRZ.

It will speed up the registration process if you forward a copy of your license to comms@southyorkshirerepeatergroup.co.uk

If you are not listed on QRZ please forward a copy of your licence to  comms@southyorkshirerepeatergroup.co.uk to assist with prompt processing of your registration.

WITHOUT THIS your callsign MAY NOT be granted access to the D-STAR network by the GB7YD system administrators.

Please do not fill in the form on behalf of other users as this leaves us no way of contacting them and we WILL NOT process such requests.

Gateway registration should only be requested if you own a D-Star equipped radio or DVDongle and intend to use GB7YD.

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