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They say Charity begins at home. It certainly does here in Yorkshire.

All icf files are now available for FREE DOWNLOAD in the SYRG Shop.

Please take time to browse through our charity radio shop. It contains items of interest which have been donated by friends of the group.

All secure purchases from this shop contribute to the running of the South Yorkshire Repeater Group and their efforts in promoting amateur radio locally and worldwide. If you would like to donate an item, including files for FREE DOWNLOAD, for sale please contact us.

Updated Policy on file downloads
Registration is not required, if you wish to access some of the subscriber only content of our site you might want to create an account or login and download files using an existing social media account.

3 comments on “icf files
  1. Rob Compton says:

    Not impressed by this idea at all.
    Like the shop – good, but to have to register to download free files. Forget it.

  2. 2E0BLF says:


  3. Jeff says:

    Hi Rob,

    I guess as with all sites you cannot please all the people all the time.
    This system was implemented to stop people downloading at will and linking to files from their sites – therein increasing our bandwidth usage.

    If you have any suggestions as to how we could improve our free service please let us know, constructive criticsim is always welcomed.


    Jeff 2E0VYV

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