Software for your D-Star enabled radio.

list of software for various tasks using your D-Star enabled radios in no particular order;

Icom 880/80 software from icom to programme your 880/80 radio and icf file too

D-star Comms Dstar Comms, by M0DQW, can be used for email deployment, GPS Tracking, reliable communication plus much more!

D-Chat Enables text based communications between multiple stations simultaneously, simplex, repeater or through the gateway network. Works with ALL current ICOM D-STAR radios. NJ6N

D-Rats D-Star communications software that has various great usable features

DVdongle DVAPdongle Software, information and links for your DVdongle and DVAP.

D-Star TV In its simplest terms, DStar TV is Slowscan TV for DStar digital radios you can send pictures using the digital data stream on a D-Star radio, either by loading a picture from a file on your PC or capturing an image from a Webcam

D-StarCom v0.8 A simple command-line-based program for the exchange of common data between D-Star radios.

Click here to calculate your D-star route from GB7YD! The calculator is designed to help you determine how to program your radio and thrown in for good measure!

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