DVAPdongle updates

DVAP firmware updater released.

The DVAPdongle/DV Access Point finds its self with some shiny new firmware this week.

The firmware brings about a few changes to the DVAP.

The firmware and loading tool can be downloaded from http://www.dvapdongle.com/DV_Access_Point_Dongle/Downloads.html


Download and unzip DvapUpdater103.exe onto your desktop. Double click on the program to run. Click on “Read DVAP Info” to see your current firmware version and serial number. If your firmware version is less than 1.03, click on “Update DVAP Firmware” to update.


Download and unzip DvapUtil.exe onto your desktop. Set the “Center Freq” to “146.0000” and click “Connect” to connect to the DVAP. You should see the firmware version and serial number. Click “Start” to begin sweeps of the 2M band. Click on “Show Pk” to show the peak signal readings during the test. Click “Stop” to stop the sweep.


Select “Start->DvapFM->DvapFM” to run the program. There are two modes, local and remote. If you click on “Remote” to check, the program will record and repeat FM audio back to your radio. With “Remote” unchecked, the program will forward FM audio to your soundcard.

Many thanks to the guys at www.moetronix.com for their efforts on the DVAP

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