Free ICF files for your Icom radio

This evening SYRG delivered our 5000th download of our range of ICF files.

These are available to you for FREE in the SYRG charity shop.  All you need to do is add them to your basket and checkout. No credit card required!

The range of Icom D-STAR enabled radios can be quite complex to program manually unless you know the radio inside out and the way D-STAR works too.

Unless your are plain stupid or skint, the best way to tackle this without giving up is to buy yourself a programming cable and the software.  Then you can see and begin to understand how the radio actually works.

When you are presented with an excell type spreadsheet of what’s going off in the radio, you will quickly discover that it’s much easier than you first thought.

Why not download one or all of our FREE ICF files to have a play around with and get to grips with your icom radio.

Thanks to all of our charity shop customers who have downloaded ICF files. We do hope that is had helped you working GB7YD and also given you a good understanding of your Icom radio.

ICF file are available for the E91, E92, 2200H, 880H and the 2820.

They can all be downloaded here
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