Freidrichshafen 2013 The Amateur Radio Adventure – DXpedition


The Amateur Radio Adventure – DXpedition

The Amateur Radio AdventureIn late June, everyone in Europe will meet at Lake Constance – everyone interested in shortwave radio, wireless telegraphy and radio telephony.

The Ham Radio, Europe’s largest amateur radio exhibition, will open its doors from Friday, June 28 until Sunday, June 30, 2013.

Presenting trends, information and lectures on amateur radio topics, it also serves as a meeting point for radio enthusiasts from around the globe.

180 exhibitors from 26 countries will be on hand, presenting their products and innovations.

This year’s motto for the Ham Radio, “The Amateur Radio Adventure – DXpedition”, is proof that amateur radio is not just confined to the basement, but also inspires adventure and travel. Is indicated by the abbreviation DX, which stands for distance, DXers travel to remote areas across the world to operate their radios there.

At the 64th Lake Constance Meeting of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC), which traditionally takes place during the Ham Radio, DXpedition members will report on their experiences and their travels, ranging from destinations in the Indian or Atlantic Oceans or even Africa.

This year the Ham Radio, Europe’s leading amateur radio exhibition, will again be supported by the Hamtronic, the well-loved marketplace for accessories and electronics at which numerous innovations will be presented. In a total of four halls, electronics enthusiasts and amateur radio operators will be greeted by a wide range of technology and equipment: from measuring devices and antennas to electro-technology on to hardware and software, everything that makes an amateur radio fan’s heart beat faster will be there. Exhibitors like Icom, Hilberling, YAESU, Hofi, Difona, Winradio, Box 73, Optibeam, UKW-Berichte, CSY, Luso, Hummel,
RF-Power and Kenwood will be represented at the Ham Radio, as will many inventors and tinkerers. “In addition to a broad selection of products and many respected manufacturers, the Ham Radio really offers everyone involved great opportunities for personal exchanges, as well as a diverse accompanying program with something for every visitor”, explains project leader Petra Ratgeber.

The DARC Motto: The Amateur Radio Adventure – DXpedition

This year, the DARC, as the conceptual patron of the Ham Radio, has chosen the motto “The Amateur Radio Adventure – DXpedition”. “The topic has a double appeal”, explains Axel Voigt (DO1ELL), DARC press spokesman. “First of all, it means adventure for the amateur radio groups that journey on the DXpedition itself with the goal of operating radios from a distant, remote part of the world, and second it gives the people who stay at home the opportunity to contact these rarely-activated stations and fill their DXCC lists.” During the exhibition, the DARC will put on a special show in the Rothaus Hall/A1 looking specifically at DXpedition. The association will whisk visitors off to the adventurous world of amateur radio, showing them which sites amateur radio enthusiasts have activated so far and which “hotspots” are rarely activated – and therefore all the more sought after. DXpedition teams will be on hand that have operated from the Rodriguez Islands (3B9SP), an island group belonging to Mauritius, from the Comoros (D64K), from Uganda (5X8C), as well as from the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Rocks, off of the north coast of Brazil. Many other DXpedition participants will report from their adventures and experiences on their travels across the world. At the DX Forum on Saturday, June 29 at 3:00 p.m., DXpedition teams, like those who activated Clipperton Island (TX5K) and Campbell Island (ZL9HP), will meet and talk with visitors.

The Amateur Radio AdventureThe DX University for beginners and professionals

Matching the DARC motto, at the DX University on Friday, June 28, a variety of workshops and presentations related to the theme of amateur radio expeditions into remote areas will be offered. Interested attendees will receive tips and tricks on how to successfully plan and implement such an expedition. “We were able to win several DXpedition luminaries as presenters”, explained an excited Axel Voigt (DO1ELL) from DARC.
Balloon mission: Stratospheric balloon lifts off
On Saturday, June 29 at 11:00 a.m. a stratospheric balloon, carrying its payload, will lift off from the West Open Air Grounds. The balloon will be made up of a German and a Polish module. In addition, it is planned that two payloads with a total weight of 300 grams, provided by a team of school pupils and an amateur radio operator, will be on board. Stratospheric balloons are known for their ability to climb to the very edge of space and the long distances that they travel – usually several hundred kilometers. During the flight, the payload will collect data such as air pressure, temperature and other important readings.

Ham youth camp

An integral part of the amateur radio exhibition is the Ham Youth Camp, which offers 100 young people up to age 27 an exciting and eventful experience. In addition to spending the night at the expo, breakfast, and entry passes for three days, the young radio operators are offered a colorful and diverse program of activities in the camp. Thus, for example, they will be able to establish contact with the club station and get to know other OMs and YLs their age, and tinker and operate radios with them. Registration is now open at the website
Make first radio contact at the Ham Rally
At the Ham Rally on Friday, June 28 and Saturday, June 29, youngsters will get to use Morse code, try out a radio-based direction finder, and navigate using radio waves. The rally will offer young visitors between the ages of 8 and 18 introductory insights into amateur radio at one of many interesting stations which will be set up for this purpose. For example, they will have to decode country abbreviations, navigate a Kettcar blind, or locate and find a transmitter with the directional navigation simulator.

Expert presentations and meetings

With over 70 lectures, meetings and workshops, the Ham Radio’s lecture program offers visitors many on-site opportunities to get informed about current projects and ideas in amateur radio. For example, Uwe Beibig (DL4AAE) will introduce visitors to the simulated switching with SPICE. Stefan Hüppner (DH5FFL) from CQ DL magazine will fill visitors in on the inexpensive mini-computer Raspberry Pi, explaining its application in amateur radio. The Lake Constance meeting will also serve as a platform for several lecturers from many different universities. For example, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Hartje, DK5HH, will give a presentation on digital voice transmission at low bitrates. Expo visitors will be able to meet and exchange views with many other experts in person.
Teacher training courses – amateur radio at schools
On Friday, June 28, “The Entire Spectrum of Electromagnetic Waves” will take center stage for teachers from Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland. For the sixth time, teachers will learn through presentations and workshops how they can create practice-oriented approaches to electronics and information technology in natural science and technical engineering classes. The continuing education program for teachers has been designed as a cooperative effort between the DARC and the Working Group on Amateur Radio and Telecommunications in Schools (AATiS). Questions and registrations can be submitted by e-mail to

Opening hours and motor home parking

The expo also offers visitors the possibility to book a motor home parking spot (subject to availability), at which they can spend the night in close proximity to the Ham Radio For more information, visit the website
The Ham Radio takes place from Friday, June 28 until Sunday, June 30, 2013 in Friedrichshafen. Daily passes cost 9€ or 8€ in advance. A three day pass is available for 20€ or 18€ in advance.
More information is available at:

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