Friedrichshafen 2009

Mikes Bar -M3VYV with tutor ;-)

G4LUE, G4XSB, G0URG & myself landed yesterday afternoon and made our way to the hotel.

A 1 hour 20 minute flight followed by a brief train ride to Lindau and a short taxi to the hotel.

Showered and shaved we headed out into Lindau and my first visit to the ‘infamous’ Mike’s Bar. The weather is great, the food brilliant and the Beer – it goes without saying really, what the Germans do best! (well almost).

M3VYV – signing and clear.

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2 comments on “Friedrichshafen 2009
  1. 2E0EJS says:

    It’s alright for some isn’t it, meanwhile the rest of us will get on with going to work!
    Seriously hope everyone has a good time in Friedrichshafen……..Neil….2E0EJS

  2. paul 2m0dxr,glasgow says:

    hi guys good to see yous are having a great time so dont get to drunk……

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