Frozen Britain – Week Two

BBC meteorologists are warning more snow will continue to hit many parts of the UK.

A bitter Saturday night sent records tumbling, with new night-time minimum temperature records being set for November at sites around the United Kingdom.

Heavy snow continues to pile into eastern areas on Monday with a further 10-15cm of snow falling.

Overnight tonight snow will move into areas which haven’t yet seen snow, with London receiving 2-5cm and surrounding areas up to 15cm.

Strengthening north-easterly winds will also make it feel bitterly cold this week and daytime temperatures will struggle to rise above freezing.

“Harvey the Chihuahua” from Barnsley thinks it’s well cold!

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One comment on “Frozen Britain – Week Two
  1. Jeff says:

    I can bet my winter warmering NBC suit thats 2E0BLF’s next project.

    Project “saft dawg”

    No way is that coming out with US…



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