GB3HF antenna install

This week we swapped out our dedicated 70cms antenna and have replaced it with a tri-band antenna that will accomodate GB3HF.

The boys went up this week to do the swapout with our new video headcam.  All went well including the 2m antenna inspection.

Today myself G1ANI, 2E0VYV & 2E0BLF have been on GB3HF’s site and we have checked the VSWR in to the cabinet of the Diamond V2000 antenna and LDF450 feeder cable.

The VSWR is as follows.

70 Cms input on GB7YD-B is 1.1

70 cms output GB7YD-B is 1.2 to 1

Input and output on GB3HF freq are both 1.1

We have also fitted a diamond triplexer in circuit dummy load in the 6 meter and 2 meter port and GB7YD-B is now working through the triplexer.

The 6 meter cavities are now on site but we need a bottom plate on the cavity box and on the top as well, I will cut the plywood this week.

The 19 inch frame in the gateway cabinet as been moved forward 2 inch to allow the cavities box to fit in the cabinet.

We will need a cable from the 6 meter cavities in the computer cabinet to go in to the main cabinet, and go in to the triplexer.

I will update you all as soon as I know when the Tait repeater is ready and arrangements for it to be tested on site.

Thanks G4LUE

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