GB3NA relocation


 GB3NA new location in Sheffield 

Channel : RV53
Repeater Output : 145.6125 MHz
Repeater Input : 145.0125 MHz
CTCSS : B-71.9Hz
Locator : IO93HM
Echolink : N/A
Coverage map : click here
Latitude/Longitude: 53.428072 / -1.499001


GB3NA was updated in April 1999 to replace the ageing Storno 9000 repeater that has been in use for the past 10 years.

Serving the South Yorkshire region for the past 40 years residing in Barnsley it is felt that the time has come to site GB3NA where it is more needed.

South Yorkshire Repeater Group have for some time now discussed location their repeaters in locations that are more accessible to a wider user base.
 SYRG hold monthly public meetings @ The Pinfold, Darfield Road, Cudworth – the next on being 12th March 2014. All are welcome. 

GB3NA Relocated in Sheffield

GB3NA repeater has been re-located at its new QTH in Fox Hill, Sheffield, providing local radio amateurs with a much needed analogue facility on 2 metres. Society members have been working in close partnership with the South Yorkshire Repeater Group to help further expand the aims of both organisations, which will prove a great boost in making amateur radio accessible to all licensed operators in the South Yorkshire region.

GB3NA had been an underused resource in Barnsley, and so moving it to Sheffield made real sense for the repeater keeper, Ernie Bailey, G4LUE who says, “This is an exciting new development as it means we can at last offer local amateurs a chance to get out further afield and really begin to enjoy the hobby”, He added, ” We’ve got a lot of equipment at the South Yorkshire Repeater Group and we didn’t want to see GB3NA being wasted. We felt we could improve on its use. I’m absolutely thrilled at putting the group’s first repeater in Sheffield which will to to show we still mean business for amateur radio in South Yorkshire. It’s about working together, pooling resources and truly benefiting the amateur radio community”

Andy Burton, M0GAV, member of the Sheffield Wireless Society is the radio amateur set to take up the reins as the host who will site GB3NA his home QTH in the Fox Hill area of Sheffield. He says, “I am determined on behalf of the Society to make a real presence with this repeater particularly since the absence of GB3US has been truly felt. Things will get really exciting as we work towards launching the IRLP facility in the coming few months.” He adds, “This is going to get Sheffield back on the air for all amateurs, even for those on a low budget after all this time of being without IRLP. My main goal is to allow all local radio amateurs the unrivaled local opportunity to access IRLP through my internet facility to link through to more than 5000 repeaters and links around the world. This is something that’s going to bring the whole globe back to Sheffield and I am going to find it very satisfying to listen to the many wonderful QSO’s that will now take place, all thanks to the support of Yorkshire’s largest repeater group.”

GB3NA was the 7th amateur repeater to come on air in the UK over 40 years ago, five years ago the again kit was upgraded with thanks to funding from the South Yorkshire Community Fund Rotherham, now this funding scheme has expired the SYRG felt it an ideal time to give wide coverage to the whole of South Yorkshire. Siting the repeater in Sheffield, a city which sits on seven Hills means that it will reach more places into South Yorkshire, such as out to Doncaster as well as Rotherham and the main motorway M1, M18 and M62 intersections. Moving it does mean some areas such as West Yorkshire would not be able to able access GB3NA at its new location, but it is decided this repeater is for the interests of benefits of Amateurs across South Yorkshire, Sheffield giving the largest user base.

GB3US is the current repeater in Sheffield and has been offline since September. Its own location lower down in the hills in Sheffield made it difficult to get out beyond the boundaries of the city for local amateurs, so nestling GB3NA in its higher location at Fox Hill makes real sense for all Sheffield amateurs. To find out more about the SYRG and the range of repeaters available in Yorkshire, or even become a member for £20 a year, you can visit Technical details about GB3NA can be found here

To find out more what we’re doing at the Sheffield Wireless Society, come and join us at the Rutland Hotel on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month or visit our facebook page at


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