has been in service to the amateur community since 1977.

Starlings love GB3NA


 We have stood storms, floods, power outages and just about any other problems that a repeater could have faced over the years.

A number of repeater locations later GB3NA now finds itself homed atop the Strumech Versatower of the N.o.V holder G4LUE in Cudworth, Barnsley.

Recently GB3NA, possibly like many other analogue repeaters has seen a fall in its usage.

This is a real shame since it offers great coverage and a reliable means of communication.

Over the years many people have donated their time and finances to keep this repeater on air.

Here is a log of work on GB3NA dating from November 1977 to February 2002 GB3NA+logbook

It’s kind of crazy that poeple have spent so much time keeping the repeater on air over the years and now it is stable and reliable it gets less use.

So we ask you, if your in the mood – pop a call through GB3NA and lets see if we cannot get a little bit more usage out of the hardware !

Channel : RV53
Repeater Output : 145.6125 MHz
Repeater Input : 145.0125 MHz
CTCSS : B-71.9Hz
Locator : IO93GM
Echolink : N/A

Coverage map : Click here

GB3NA was updated in April 1999 to replace the ageing Storno 9000 repeater that has been in use for the past 10 years.

The repeater GB3NA is the first one of three to be upgraded. The site where GB3NA is located has a harsh RF environment. The receiver is designed for outstanding performance. With 7 large helical filters in the front end and 12 poles of IF filtering the receiver is immune to desense at interference levels greater than 75,000 uV. Two of the resonators are placed ahead of the RF pre-amplifier for exceptional overload resistance. The 21.4 MHz first IF and shielded oscillator/multiplier chain make it difficult to even measure an image, and its double-balanced first and second mixers reject intermodulation products by 80 dB. Feedback, damped-Q tuned circuits and de-coupling are used so that gain stages operate conservatively – not wide open. NPO and mylar capacitors keep the performance consistently high over temperature extremes.

Read more on GB3NA here > > > GB3NA

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