GB7YD A Digital Data

GB7YD A 128kbps Digital Data

SYRG are pleased to announce that GB7YD port A, 23CM Digital Data has been granted an NoV on 7th August 2013.

It has been a long time coming and now we have 23cms DV (Digital Voice) firmly in our sights !

GB7YD A 1241.0750MHz Digital Data


[box type=”primary”  icon=”icon-32-transmitter-png” badge=”hot” title=” SYRG are pleased to announce the inauguration of 23cms” subtitle=” Notice of Variation granted for a single DD frequency application for 1241.075 MHz” width=”100%” align=”left” class = “rounded”]

G4LUE was granted a Notice of Variation for implementation of GB7YD port A.

Today at approximately 15:30 G4LUE with the assistance of 2E0VYV turned on GB7YD port A

This makes the South Yorkshire Repeater Group the first “amateur” radio group to implement the complete icom A, B, C G2 system in the UK.

One of the most powerful functions of DSTAR is the ability to move data.

The ID-RP2D is the Digital Data mode RF module for 1.2GHz and provides an access point with a high-speed data rate of 128kbps.

Depending on the system set-up, the 128kbps is perfect for setting up an email and/or file server for EmComm support.

It’s also perfect for connecting to the Internet for web applications or support.

ID-RP2D 23cms D-Star GB7YD A

You can access GB7YD port A on 1241.0750MHz


You can find GB7YD A details on the uk website >>> UK

Signal reports are welcomed please send to comms@…..thiswebsite……

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