GB7YD Beacon


Users of GB7YD will notice as of this evening that every 15 minutes a beacon is transmitted.

This beacon contains

The callsign of the Node – GB7YD

A Timestamp – GMT

The status of any active connections, ie to other Nodes or a Reflector.

Many thanks to G7LWT for his time and assistance in configuring GB7YD.

The command GB7YD IX in the YOUR call field can be used to retrieve status at any time from the Node





▪ = a space

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2 comments on “GB7YD Beacon
  1. 2E0BLF says:

    Well done guys, just tested it out now. Seems to work good.

    Now when you turn your radio on you can either wait it out and listen for the beacon to read what status YD gateway is in – or if you are impatient like me, just send the command as above.

    Linked or unlinked? That has been the question for some time. Now we will know.

    What happens when port B comes back on. It it gonna be all buggered or is there a work around as yet?

    Would love to keep this feature.

  2. 2E0VYV says:

    When Port B is back on air, Mr LWT has some more coding to do. He informs me it is work in progress.
    As you can imagine configuring to work with two ports on the one gateway could be a little trickier.

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