G’day Icom E92 lovers

The South Yorkshire Repeater Group picked up a brand new Icom E92 at the weekend to do a few tests with.

After getting it out of the box and charging – we turned it on and after a few hours operation a whole bunch of things happened.

The screen started going blank and then a thick black line would appear at the bottom of the display. OK, that’s not right, but check the photo above – it even went upside down at one point!

I’m sure Jeff’s  picked the up the radio G4LUE takes out to Australia. He’s scratching his scalp raw as this is not the first 92 he’s had trouble with.  Don’t mention the GPS mic to him, he gets all stroppy!

Anyone else experienced this with an Icom E92??

Your comments would be appreciated.

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7 comments on “G’day Icom E92 lovers
  1. Chris says:

    The problem is the space between the chair and radio ……

  2. Mark Dobson says:

    I got one did the same tricks apart from the upside down screen it kept going blank. Good news is icom are aware and there is a fix but it needs to go back to supplier take it back from whence it came from and it should be sent back to get sorted mine was back with me after about a week

  3. Ernie G4LUE says:

    I did not take it to Brisbane guess i left the box upside down in shack honest

  4. de 2E0VYV says:

    The chair and the radio indeed Mr G0URG.

    Spoken to the local emporium and he says “I’ll send it down to Icom if you like for it turning round”.

    Can’t believe that I was speaking to ZipPY (remembered it) about his problems with the 92 last week and then I go get on the same.
    Better break out another box Ernie this one is going back to base.

    Boo Hoo !

  5. 2E0BLF says:

    I can vouch for that. He turned it on and by magic it just appeared upside down. I’m sure Icom will sort it out. That’s why we only buy and use Icom only for our D-STAR operations right?

  6. G1 YPQ says:

    Hi guys different issue here but i treated my self to a gps mic over xmas and i got rf feedback and packet loss through the radio and mic, this only happened when the gps was switched on, naturally i thought it was the mic but when tried in a friends radio it was perfect, off to icom, result, and a known issue, a ferrite matt was put over the cpu, it is now perfect……..

  7. 2E0VYV says:

    Hi Karl,

    similar problems, turn the GPS on – key up and boosh no display.
    Ernie has spoken to the men in black at icom uk and we have a few to go back for the ferrite map and a tap?
    Lee has a big box waiting and a fed ex van arranged!
    Lets hope they are as speedy as they were with ZPYs.

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