Guidelines for using IRLP and echo link on GB3YR

Guidelines  for using IRLP and echo link on GB3YR

Its great to see GB3YR becoming the centre of attention again and great to hear folks making use of the internet linking systems. There is so much pleasure available to everyone via SYRG’s internet linked repeaters GB3YR & GB7YD. With the upsurge in usage of echolink/IRLP and after listening to feedback from users on GB3YR, the group feel that some simple guidelines for usage need re-iterating. The system is there for all users and relies upon a common code of ethics. Below is a brief extract from the guidelines on linking and unlinking GB3YR. Full guidelines for using GB3YR can be found on the GB3YR page and in the SYRG forum.

Guidelines  for using IRLP and echo link on GB3YR

Listen on the repeater network for at least 15 -30 seconds first to make sure a QSO is not in progress or the network is not linked to another Echo link, IRLP Node or Reflector…………… more

Operating IRLP node

The Internet Radio Linking Project is very easy and intuitive to use; please make sure you listen carefully to the voice prompts so you know what is happening the system gives messages about each action.
To use the GB3YR you need a radio with DTMF capabilities as well as 71.9 Hz CTCSS, and you need to have a good clear signal into the repeater. Please listen to the repeater for a while …………read more

You can check the IRLP status page to find the Node number of a particular IRLP node.

Standard IRLP operating rules can be found here

Please let us know of any problems with the network
Thanks SYRG team

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