Ham radio gets boost from TV sitcom

Last Man Standing, Mike Baxter, KA0XTT

Comedian Tim Allen Stars as Radio Amateur on New TV Show.

Tim possibly known to you as The Santa Clause or maybe Tim Taylor in Home Improvement is to give amateur radio a little on-screen publicity in a new sitcom.

The ABC Television series, “Last Man Standing” is about Mike Baxter (played by Tim Allen), a marketing executive for “Outdoor Man,” a fictitious sporting goods store in Colorado. Mike, is a “man’s man” and involved in all kinds of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating. Likewise, Mike (and Tim) has a love for all the electronics that go with these activities. Among Mike’s interests is Amateur Radio (Ham Radio).

Tim’s character (Mike Baxter), is KA0XTT. This is a call sign the show cleared for use on air. “XTT” is a bit of a private joke as Tim’s character name on “Home Improvement” was Tim Taylor. So, ex T. T.

In the show’s radio inventory is currently an ICOM IC-9100 HF radio, an IC-92AD dual band, hand-held, a Heil PR-781microphone, a Daiwa CN-801HP SWR/Power meter a Comet CAA-500 antenna analyzer and a Iambic CW Paddle.

You can read more about Mike’s adventures on the website which can be found here>>

You can also find KA0XTT on facebook . . . http://www.facebook.com/KA0XTT
Here’s a brief extract from the KA0XTT facebook page…..
Hey all you Hams out there!
We’re here to keep you updated on all of the amateur radio shenanigans we’ve got happening live from the set of ABC’s “Last Man Standing.” Soon, we’ll be adding information about all of our equipment as well as informing you of any special events we’re holding on set! So stay tuned… and remember to watch “Last Man Standing,” Tuesday nights on ABC

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