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Dayton Hamvention® 2013 TOUR and Introduction

Another Hamvention has come and gone, a whirlwind weekend to be sure. This year, Jeff and I spent most of our time in the SIB (Studio In a Booth… I coined that acronym on the spot in this episode, and may never use it again). We recorded about a dozen interviews with people in various niches of ham radio. But we did get out on Friday morning to poke around the flea market for a few hours. We met a few fans, yakked some, and discovered some interesting keys and paddles from opposite ends of the time line. Then we yakked some more.

One thing we did not do over the weekend is visit manufacturers to see the latest gear. For that, we’d have you turn to the other shows and hundreds of YouTube videos with the noisy backgrounds.

We’ll be editing the interviews and getting them on-line as fast as we can over the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, enjoy this taste of Dayton… our way.

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