Hull man convicted of radio offences

A Hull resident was sentenced at Hull Crown Court on 22 November for causing deliberate interference to amateur radio users in the Hull region of Humberside between June and November 2009.

The defendant was also convicted of unlawfully using radio equipment without a licence from Ofcom, which was installed in his van and driven around the region to interfere with legitimate users of the local amateur frequencies.

He was sentenced to:

  • Four months imprisonment suspended for 18 months
  • A curfew from 7pm and 7 am for 3 months via a means of electronic tagging
  • Forfeiture of his van and radio transmitters, to Ofcom.

Commenting on the sentence, Paul Mercer, Head of enforcement at Ofcom, said:

“There are around 900 amateur radio users in and around the Hull area, who have been deliberately disrupted for more than four years.

Ofcom is very pleased with this result, which will hopefully give these users some welcome relief, as well as sending a very strong signal to those that abuse the airwaves. This followed a dedicated investigation by Ofcom involving six enforcement officers working day and night to bring the culprit to court.”

Mr Sheldon, the Court Recorder commended Ofcom for the quality of the evidence that had been collated and the quality of file presented in court.

RSGB General Manager Peter Kirby, G0TWW, said “RSGB volunteers co-operated closely with Ofcom in gathering evidence for this case. This conviction shows that deliberate interference will not be tolerated and can have serious consequences for the perpetrator.”

SYRG take a grim view of unlicensed operators on our repeater system and world-wide network.  We actively work with OFCOM, RSGB, Internet Service Providers and with other radio hams to stop it.

Like others in our great hobby, we are pleased with the outcome of the courts decisions.

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6 comments on “Hull man convicted of radio offences
  1. Jerry G6 North Yorks says:

    Sentence too lenient. Impisonment should have been enforced 6months minimum , van and radio equipment confiscated ok..But a fine of at least £2000 plus costs of the officers time in tracking him and if he could not pay then increase imprisonment by a month for each £100
    he owed.

    Make the punishment fit the crime………………

  2. Fo those who may want to know.

    Clive McMurray, of
    Lambert Street, Hull,
    City of Kingston-upon-Hull,
    United Kingdom.

    Hopefully he’ll now find a more productive hobby?

  3. Tony Sneath says:

    Doesnt this make you feel warm in this cold snap.
    “Ganja Man” in the Doncaster area, YOU’RE NEXT!!

  4. Andy G3PKW says:

    I’m glad to hear of the satisfactory outcome of the deliberate nuisance caused by this pirate. As you may have been aware, here in Merseyside we have had similar problems over the years which to my knowledge have been satisfactorily sorted in a similar way. It is of credit due to the efforts of all the amateurs in the respective areas that bring these culprits to justice.

  5. G3NBY says:

    Poor devil. Just for that?
    Mind you if he’d been near ME at a sunspot peak, I wouldn’t have troubled Ofcom, who seem to be much better than the old GPO ever was. I would just have hanged him with some useless old 80 ohm coax from my 70′ Strumech lattice tower and for the sake of politeness, I won’t say by what he would have been hanged.
    His Baluns might be a good idea!
    That would shift from Baritone to Soprano Castrata within a few bars!

    His gaol sentence was suspended. For my money so should his sinusoidal bits!
    Damned good news..Couldn’t ‘ave ‘appened to a nicer geezer!

    73 es up ’em all….G3NBY. N ot B orn Y esterday!

    OK @

  6. Just wanted to add a follow up to this, Our friend continues to disrupt ham radio and pmr 2 way radio on a daily basis in Hull, the authorities do nothing.
    Phill M0KXQ

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