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With the weather outside being very autumnal and leaves falling not to mention the rain wind and threat of snow –  what better time than now to consider some cool new ham radio applications for the coolest gadget that fits in your palm of your hand.

According to the kids, nothing is cooler than the iPhone, so it is nice to discover some brand new ham radio iPhone apps.

On visiting the iTunes store, I was surprised how many ham radio apps there are. About a quarter of them are free!

Among the free apps are a satellite tracker, an EchoLink app, ham utilities, an APRS app, a Maidenhead converter, a direction finder, a HF beacon app, a VHF/UHF/SHF contest rover logger and a bunch of ham radio exam preparation apps.

If you are willing to part with some cash from pennys to a couple of pounds, there are a few pay for  ham radio apps, too.

If you visit the iTunes store to search for ham radio apps, be sure to search on both “ham radio” and “Amateur Radio,” since the search results are slightly different.

Some apps only show up in one or the other search results. There are also some pertinent apps that turn up when you search on “radio,” but that search also turns up a lot of apps not related to ham radio that you will have to wade through.

By the way, I offer no URL for the iTunes Store. If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you click on the “iTunes Store” button in iTunes and iTunes proceeds to access the store via the Internet. In other words, iTunes acts as your Web browser, but its browsing is limited to the iTunes Store.

If you don’t have iTunes installed on your computer, you can download it for free.


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