Knees up … Mrs XYL

Don’t know about you, but  I’m not one for strenuous exercise.

My excuse is I do it all in my brain and that keeps me active, but I just had to have a go with this new website and application to hit the streets.

Map My Tracks is the outdoor social network for fitness enthusiasts. You can train, track & share your training or outdoor activities in real-time with friends, family, team mates or coaches.

Now that seems like hard work – but the concept is good. I think it would have many uses for radio and other projects too.

So rather than break up a sweat, I sent the XYL out on 30 minute run in the dark and rain with an ipod touch attached. The results are pretty impressive ( see them here ) plus she came back smiling too. 🙂

Once the GPS had kicked in, it plotted the run very accurately even though the iPod touch was in her running jacket. When she arrived back home and on our wireless network the statistics of the run were synchronised with the profile we had created on the web site.

There are options to track live which requires an iPhone with 3G internet connection and you can also choose to share your plots or keep them private.

Overall I think that Map My Tracks is a fantastic idea. I’m sure there’s much more to come from these guys.

Try it yourself for free :

Andy – 2E0BLF

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