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Wednesday after a train journey from Doncaster to Stanstead and steady flight to Friedrichsahfen.

Arrived in Friedrichshafen full of anticipation of the coming days events.

Today woke up at 7am treated myself to the finest that the Germans have to offer for breakfast. Seriously unless you’ve sample the delights of a German breakfast they can only guess, sausages, cold meats, hard boiled eggs, cheese, yoghurt, many breads, pickles, mustards, marmalde, juices in abundance and to top it all off they even lay on Full English to make us feel at home, hospitality at its finest.

I took the 11 am fast train into Friedrichshafen, from the island of Lindau where I am staying for the duration. From Friedrichshafen main railway station I took a taxi to and from the Messe at a cost of €21 plus and €11 for train, Lindau – Friedrichafen day return.

The staff at Messe are more than helpful and willing lend a hand whenever asked.

I was unable, unfortunately, to use the PC facility of Messe as security would not let me (maybe I look like a hacker) despite of the very nice Messe girl assistant who you see in the photo above.

Rather than typing anymore or you having to read, take a look at the Messe Friedrichsahfen 2011 Hamfest pictures of the stall holders setting up.

More photographs to follow over the coming days…..WATCH THIS SPACE.

Oh you may also see a few of Micks Bar in Lindau (gotta get me a free drink somehow)

More to come on Friday evening of Day one at Friedrichshafen Hamfest 2011

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