Nasty Albert rises!

A work party consisting of G1ANI, 2E0VYV and myself G4LUE continued working on GB3NA’s new instalation commencing at 11.15am till 4pm.  Totalling some 14 man hours work so far.

We are using a Diamond X5000 2/70 and 23cms antenna. We ran a 30 metre length of LDF550 digital feeder cable as analogue cable is now expensive and hard to come by. See pics in gallery

We tilted tower over, erected scaffolding and had a good time working on the installation.

We also fitted a UHF dipole for remote control all cables in to cabinet that require checking out tomorrow.

Tower put back in vertical position and raised back to 60 feet.

Also, some good news about GB3HF. I have been informed that the 50Mhz equipment should be available within the next week, this is good news as a antenna erecting party is needed for GB3HF site ASAP

GB3SY will be moved in to the new cabinet within the next few days and also GB3NA will be put in the same cabinet using the same antenna GB3NA will be tested and put in receive mode untill the NOV is issued

Ernie G4LUE

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