New Year – New Skills in 2011

New to radio – want to learn in 2011?

Maybe this is your year?

If you want to learn more about amateur radio or get on the path to becoming licensed… read on….

The first steps towards becoming a radio “ham” for many will be for them to find and join a local club. These clubs will provide information about licensing requirements, operating practices and help the aspirants to improve their technical knowledge.

The Radio Society of Great Britain, which has branches throughout the United Kingdom, provides training courses to pass the license examinations and also provides venues for examination centres.

Joining a local branch of the Radio Society and enrolling on a training course is a necessary first step, but in addition, newcomers can also consider studying independently by purchasing books and other relevant materials.

Through their local club, they may often find a mentor, or friend who can help guide them down the path to becoming licensed.

Find out here about learning more about radio!

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