Nothing much happening?

Well another sorry morning in YD land, the sun is shining but its chilly.

I’ve dropped my antenna due to high winds.

My favourite morning reflector show by a certain ham has been cut short by YD’s internet connection.

I don’t like to point any fingers, but it was great whilst Ernie was at the caravan. We haven’t had a single drop out over the last few days. Guess who’s back! 😉

Ernie get your motor running again and get back on the highway LOL j/k.

2E0BLF and myself have been playing with an old piece of hardware called the TXiD ! Its an ISA card

Spent a few days trying to find some OLD hardware to run it on. Another day emptying the workshop. Amazing how much electronic junk we keep.

More news to follow on that at a later stage.

M3YVY signing and clear. Off for an egg and bacon sarnie!

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2 comments on “Nothing much happening?
  1. anon says:

    We all think that G4LUE is a carrier of QRM. Why a talk talk cruddy connection? Shame cos YD is such a great repeater.

  2. 2E0BLF says:

    I hope we now have sorted this problem and put it to rest. Thanks for your patience

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