Operate D-STAR by OUFTI-1 CubeSat

OUFTI-1 CubeSat is part of the nanosatellite project whose objective is to provide hands-on experience to students in the design, construction, and control of complete satellite systems that will ultimately serve as the basis for a variety of space experiments.

The OUFTI-1 CubeSat will operate on D-STAR . A presentation on the satellite will be given by Questiaux Lo. This will take place Friday (today) at 09:20 PST, 16:20 GMT, 17:20 BST  above!

The key innovative feature of OUFTI-1 is the use of the D-STAR amateur-radio digital-communication protocol. This means of radio-comms will be made available to ham-radio operators worldwide. In the future, it will also be used to control space experiments. The telecomands and telemetry will be sent to the satellite with the AX-25 amateur radio protocol. In case of the AX-25 system not working properly a reliable telegraphy beacon should still be functional.

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  1. Confused User says:

    brilliant post very informative.
    not a pot of glue what they were talking about but very good stuff 😉

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