Return of the killer robot!

Just as we thought is was safe to unleash the SYRG robot on the GB7YD site – down came the snow.

Spykee has told us he dosen’t like ice or slush, so we are going to respect his wishes and wait for finer weather to put him outdoors.

Rather than spoil the festive fun we are going to let you have a go with him indoors instead!

To take control of the Spykee you need to request access to the robot by purchasing a control credit in the shop.

Credits are £1.00 and give you 24 hours access to the robot using the control software and included instruction manual.

The robot is very easy to control with your PC’s arrow keys. Live video and audio from the robot will help you navigate your way.

All proceeds from the sale of control credits over the next 7 days will be donated to the Barnsley Hospice.

Credits and the robot are available all week from 24th Dec to 31st Dec 2009.

Have a go on the robot – get your credit here in the SYRG charity shop!

Thanks for your support

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