RSGB and Ofcom meet to discuss licensing issues

The RSGB and Ofcom meet on the 6th of June 2011 for talks on licensing matters,  a number of issues concerning amateur radio in the UK were discussed. The meeting was attended by five from the RSGB and five from Ofcom.  The following were some of the key points discussed:

This is intresting and the main things talked about are set out below.

  • The position on relinquishing spectrum temporarily for the 2012 Games was again reviewed. Ofcom is still assessing the full requirements, but it is hoped that the implications for the Amateur Service may be known in late summer.
  • RSGB had supplied a number of names and possible candidates for the Ofcom vacancies for “Venue Engineers” for the 2012 Games, and these were being reviewed by Ofcom
  • Proposals for special callsigns for four flagship demonstration stations, other special event stations and amateur stations generally during the period of the 2012 Games, were discussed. Subject to final approval from LOCOG, Ofcom would approve a range of special calls for the period of the Games. A discussion was also held on how most simply to give effect to generic changes in prefix for the period of the games.
  • The way in which amateur radio NoVs are currently processed was discussed, and Ofcom confirmed that they are seeking alternative ways of handling the administrative processes involved. The RSGB is considering its future role in this and will shortly respond to Ofcom.
  • Changes to the rules governing Short Contest Calls were discussed and agreed in principle. The RSGB is now to make formal proposals to Ofcom
  • Specific detailed cases concerning a linked repeater proposal, a special event callsign, issues of permitted power and provision of data for the RSGB Year Book were also discussed briefly.
  • Ofcom indicated that it intended to periodically conduct spot checks of examination conduct
  • Ofcom confirmed that it would have a presence at the Lincoln National Hamfest at the end of September

We at SYRG would love to hear your thougths and views on any of  the above points

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