South Yorkshire Open Forum Legacy Fund

DEVELOPING a clearer picture of the Third Sector is on the agenda with a new ground-breaking fund from the South Yorkshire Community Foundation (SYCF).

Any Voluntary, Community or Faith-based organisation based in and operating in South Yorkshire and which is accountable to its membership can apply for the resources from the fund.

The Fund is to be distributed to eligible applicants within South Yorkshire where the grant will make a significant difference.

Which groups or activities will be prioritised for funding?

Higher priority will be given to those applications that can demonstrate how they will address some of the following needs. If your group or activity will not meet these priorities then you can still apply but it is less likely that you will receive funding:

* Groups that respond to their communities’ needs.
* Activities or projects that will support people whose needs can be clearly demonstrated.
* Groups whose main activities focus upon the advancement of education, promotion of good health or the relief of poverty and sickness.
* Groups that work in collaboration with other local community groups.
* Activities or projects that will engage people who face discrimination or disadvantage.
* Activities or projects that will produce a wide range of benefits and provide good value for money.

Priority will be given to applications specifically linked to

The improvement of governance and leadership within the third sector.


Bringing together groups, organisations and/or communities to enhance their voice and capacity to influence.

Organisations can apply for a grant of between £1600 and £7500.

For more information visit

Forms can also be found on SYRG’s website (links below)

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