Static Caravan Required

This is an appeal for anyone you know with an old static caravan and needs it disposing of.

Maybe the van is old and your site wants it removing. SYRG is prepared to move it for you if you donate it to the group and it is fit for reasonable habitation.


We are running out of space in our kitchens. The new web site, the shop and new members visiting us is taking up some space and time.

We would like to run our operations from one place if possible. Ideally this would be a donated a static caravan on the GB7YD site.

Security is next to none with dogs roaming free on the farm, 22 geese at the gate and a 24 hour internet monitored camera system plus the farmers shotgun loaded with rice. You’ll need to make an appointment to come. But all welcome!

From the van we hope to run a shack for all who want to use it, plus a meeting and teaching room and a little PC workshop to get your PC problems sorted out.

SYRG will arrange the costs of site removal and the associated costs of delivering to our site.

If you can help please contact us!


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