SYRG lend a helping hand

Today the syrg team meet and helped out a local ham with some antenna erections.

Tony M0MTD has been of air for somtime since sufering with some health problems and the asked if the team at SYRG could help him out.

The team sprang into action and with 2 days were ready, willing and there to help.

We drilled holes, took antenna poles down, soldered a few plugs, assembled new antenna systmes and then raised everything to the sky.

Oh we even tidied up after ourselves too.

Tony was a very gracious host and provided us with plenty of hot libation to keep the job flowing.

So after two blisters and a few more soldering iron burns we are pleased have got Tony M0MTD  back on the bands and start playing radio again.

Thanks to all who helped a good turn that we all enjoyed and the end result is another Ham getting some fun from his sorely missed HF.

Good Luck Tony from all at SYRG

Here are a few photos of the day.

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One comment on “SYRG lend a helping hand
  1. Tony says:

    Hi all. I must give a MASSIVE THANKS to the South Yorkshire Repeater Group (SYRG) who had come to my rescue by answering my call for assistance.

    I am still recovering from a stroke and unable to install the antennas myself. I was surprised at the turnout as Chris, Ian, Mark & Jeff turned up ready and willing and laden with tools and expertise.

    After a few hours and a few coffee’s & nicotine sticks later, all was complete including tidying up. (BTW wife says can you come hoover up please) (hi).

    They did a great job, in a small garden with limited space. Just for info here are the HF antenna’s installed:-
    1. M0CVO Magitenna End Fed with M0CVO 1:1 Line Isolator 7.6m long ops on 40m, 30m, 20m, 10m & 6m.
    2. Ultimax100 End Fed with M0CVO 1:1 Line Isolator 7.3m long ops 80m – 6m.

    Both antennas start at approx 25ft sloping down to 6ft bearing directly EAST.

    So now back on air as and when kids let me (and the wife).
    Again guys a BIG THANKS to you all.

    Finally it goes to show that there a still people who are willing to give their time and effort with nothing in return but THANKS. It keeps the radio hobby alive and has made me M0MTD very happy we are on the radio again (until neighbours complain that is).

    TONY de M0MTD

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