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Jeff (m3vyv) says we need to keep the fire burning

Jeff (m3vyv) says we need to keep the fire burning

Only me Andy. 2E0BLF

I’m looking for some like-minded individuals that can help me and other radio HAMS around the world.

I’ve been looking after the South Yorkshire Repeater Group Web Site for a few years now.

The old SYRG web sites have become outdated and stale due to the fact I’ve just not had the time due to work commitments.  My very good friend Jeff –  M3VYV has helped me considerably over the last year and we’ve tried our best.

Rather than bail out and just stick up a few pages and links we thought we’d give it another go.

We’ve redone the website using WordPress which means, YOU CAN HAVE A GO TOO!

The South Yorkshire Repeater Group is recruiting contributors and editors for our wordpress project.

After looking at the web site stats over the last 2 years we are really publishing on an international level from Yorkshire. We need to up the game and show the rest of the world what us HAMS in the UK are about and what we are doing. We are good, believe me!

Our aim is to make the web site a source of ideas, information exchange and contributions from HAMS in Yorkshire and the rest of the UK! We have the platform ready and waiting, we need to do it!

If you would like to get involved, please create an account on the new web site and use your callsign as your username.

Then e-mail me with your ideas on what you’d like to do or say and I’ll arrange you privileges so you can contribute and be involved in the site.

Maybe you want to send a picture to be included in the header. Or maybe you have an article you wrote and would like to publish, or even would just like to make a constructive comment.

” The possibility’s are endless when we all work together as a team

This is a good opportunity to get involved in HAM radio on the internet at this level. We have a state-of-the-art publishing platform to do it.

We welcome you as a reader and  as contributor to our new project.

Your comments and suggestions on this web site are welcome.


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