SYRG News December 2010

GB3HF – 50MHz repeater  set to be on air for Christmas.

After the almost lighting speed of processing the NoV for GB3HF the group have had some difficulty gettting the hardware together and performing as it should.

Delays at the old home of GB3HF meant we couldn’t get started as readily as we would have liked.

The cavities and repeater are now in the hands of the group and testing has begun. See photos here GB3HF Gallery

G4LUE is hovering around the kit like a busy bee eager to get stuck in.

The hardware is on the bench and undergoing tests. We shall be spending a few hours over the next week resoldering some dry joints and generally sprucing up the cracking homebrew setup that we have invested in.

Thanks to those who donated to this project at this years Great Northern Hamfest.

Next week also sees the group installing the new Diamond V2000 antenna kindly donated by Lee – M0LAM from LAMCO

We’d like to thank M6DER – Ian and his son who took time to drive down South and collect the kit this week.

Other news on the SYRG repeater network.

GB3YR is now off air and we are awaiting word from Ofcom that the NoV has been granted, as soon as this happens the switch will be flicked and GB3NA will rise again.

GB3NA will, on issue of the NoV, replace GB3YR. The frequencies, CTSS all remain the same (sadly – there will be no Echo/IRLP linking intially)

It does seem strange that it takes so long to change the name of a repeater and its location, lets hope Santa got our letter 😉

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